10th July 2020

Company Update - Kilroot Energy Park vision unveiled

In May, we were able to celebrate the results of the T-4 capacity auction results for the All Island market.  We were delighted to confirm that we have secured a ten year contract for 390MW of new, gas fired, flexible peaking capacity at Kilroot, which would result in further investment in the site.

We are now able to share our proposals for the Kilroot Energy Park.

The plans, which are at early concept stage, would represent the largest ever single investment in electricity generation in Northern Ireland and could include a range of renewable energy technologies and electricity generation solutions.  If taken forward in its entirety, the Kilroot Energy Park vision would have the potential to generate up to 440MW of low carbon and renewable energy, which is enough to power 500,000 homes.  The investment in the site would also safeguard hundreds of jobs and mark a historic milestone in the decarbonisation of electricity generation in Northern Ireland.

With the UK Government committed to phasing out coal powered electricity generation by 2025 and with Northern Ireland determined to lead the way in low carbon and renewable energy generation, we have a fantastic opportunity to transform the Kilroot site.   There is much work to do to further develop our proposals over the coming months and years.

Please visit for further information including animation and CGIs of the proposals.