About Us

EPUK Investments Ltd (EPUKI) is the UK division of Energetický a průmyslový holding (EPH), a leading energy group of over 70 companies that owns and operates assets across Europe. EPH group employs circa 25,000 people internationally, owns €16.7bn of assets, generating €8.6bn of revenue and an EBITDA of €2.1bn.

EPUKI was established in 2015 as the strategic platform for expanding the EPH group into the UK energy market. Since launching, EPUKI has made several acquisitions and now owns multiple renewable and flexible power generating assets in the UK and Ireland.

These include Lynemouth Power, a market leading 400MW renewable biomass plant and 3.3GW of gas fired plants which provide flexible generation and services when wind is low: South Humber Bank, Langage, Ballylumford and Tynagh Energy. EPUKI is also currently constructing a new mixed fuel Energy Park at Kilroot including a 700MW gas fired station to replace the existing coal plant.  

EPUKI has grown rapidly to revenues ~£1.5bn and EBITDA >£200m. We pride ourselves on an entrepreneurial culture and flat leadership structure where individuals (where ever they are in the organisation) can make a real impact on our business.

Our aim is to enable the UK and Ireland low carbon transition through provision of flexible and reliable energy supply.  To achieve this, we will:

  • develop, construct and acquire the right assets to support the transformation of the energy system;
  • invest in our people and our assets to best respond to the changing needs of our sector;
  • continuously challenge ourselves to identify opportunities, build our knowledge and develop innovative solutions.

EPUKI is one of the largest independent generators in the UK and Ireland, with an asset base that covers multiple technologies and a range of revenue streams; these include fully merchant baseload and peaking plant and index traded baseload plants, providing a range of system services across the energy and balancing spectrum.  Despite its significant market presence, EPUKI has a flat structure with fast paced decision making ability enabling better optimisation of market positions.  The market continues to evolve and develop as the UK and Irish governments drive towards Net Zero with increasing challenges of renewables penetration, introduction of hydrogen and other new technologies.